Agile in Hardware Projects – When Issues Arise

Ruhroh. Looks like we have some issues here…

What you see above is one of the hardware issues we encountered when we started laying the conveyors for a hardware and Agile manufacturing project, conducted in an Agile fashion.

If it don’t fit…

So let’s talk about the implications of taking an Agile approach when these types of issues arise:

  • Contractor Considerations – We need to talk with the hardware contractors as to what happened here.
  • Supplies – How can we get the right supplies, (sooner rather than later) to help mitigate this issue?
  • Timeline – How does this affect our total roll out of the right supplies being shipped, installed, and QA tested?

We ended up having a conversation with the Operations Director on site to discuss the downstream implications that could (hopefully not) affect our installation of the terminals, scanners, as well as package readers and further conveyor belt installation.

We Stood Up and Talked Right on the Scene

Something wonderful about face-to-face conversation, right? Within our conversation we elicited the following:

  1. What happened
  2. When supplies will come in
  3. Installation timeline
  4. Implications to previously stated considerations above

Oh, and this conversation took all of about 10 minutes. No emails, no yelling (beyond raising our voices of all the background noise), no hierarchy of management to deal with. Straight to the source. Notes were taken, actionable items were noted, and followup dates were decided.

Yahoo. I love my job.

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