Agile Home Ownership?

I try to live my life in an Agile-manner. Iterative improvement, utilize a personal kanban board to manage home-work, Product Owner buy-in (wife), etc.

You see, there is a problem at home. There is a larger-than-a-basketball wasp nest 3 stories up with no access to the roof. [This could get messy…]

Is there anything in the Agile Manifesto that talks about:

  • Shaking problems to the point where they go away?
  • What about shooting problems to see if they go away…
  • How about spraying problems with water?
  • Paying contractors lots of moola to do your work for you?…

Inspect and adapt. Yes. I get the inspect part. I’ve inspected it enough. Now its time to… adapt? Hell no. It’s time to go Judge Dredd on it!

What do you think?

What is the most Agile and safe way to solve this personal conundrum?


9 Replies to “Agile Home Ownership?”

  1. Don’t bother with Agile on everything. Some things require a traditional, more rigorous approach like…FIRE! You do not want the wasps to leave one by one, now do you? Hire a professional to do the job for you.

  2. Sometimes you just need to take a traditional project management approach to risk analysis. In this case, you’d “transfer” the risk to a professional, with the cost paid for out of your contingency reserve, AKA “vacation budget.”

    Naturally, using a waterfall to wash away the nest is out of the question …

  3. Glad we rent. We’ve called in Pest Control for the same thing – Ping Pong ball size in our patio. We weren’t able to sit outside yesterday with Mr. Wasp buzzing all day around yesterday.
    Good luck with your task!

  4. I am with Susan. That looks like a job for a SME. And they can do it while you are making more $$ next week at work, miles away from the scene of the “incident”. I’d evac the family too. Send them to see Smurfs while the “insect removal smes” work their magic, and probably hurt themselves. Do you have a blanket personal liability policy? I highly recommend them, ask your insurance professional.

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