Agile Games 2012 – Peter Saddington talks with Brian Bozzuto

Peter Saddington & Brian Bozzuto – Agile Games 2012 from Agile Scout on Vimeo.

The conference is being held Apr 19-21 in Cambridge, MA at the Microsoft New England Research Division (they abbreviate it NERD). 🙂
People can learn more by going to the event website:
  • We have “Super Early Bird” tickets for sale right now until January 27th, this is the absolute lowest price for the conference and we don’t want people to miss out
  • We have an open “call for games” until the end of this month and are welcoming submissions.
3 videos available out there all about Agile Games 2012 – Drop on it!
Intro Video:

Luke Hohmann on Innovation Games

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Lloyd Smith on Strategic Play

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