Agile Fundraising

Agile can work for fundraising. It obviously works for Wikimedia, who has been using Agile to help their fundraising effort.

This year, the fundraiser engineering team of Wikimedia is following agile methodology that came out of an ‘inception’ process facilitated by ThoughtWorks.

During the process, they defined and prioritized the high-level requirements for this year’s engineering efforts, identified pain points in our development process, and strategized solutions to enable the team to quickly respond to the constantly changing needs of the fundraiser at a sustainable pace.

Consider the following ideas when managing fundraising efforts:

  • Creating a fully prioritized list of fundraising activities or features needed to do.
  • Developing story cards for each activity.
  • Create a fundraiser board to visualize work flow (like kanban).
  • Get immediate feedback and commitment to completion on needed tasks.
What other benefits can Agile bring to fundraising?

[HT: Wikimedia]

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  2. This is great informationa nd I hope all the charity organiztions in the world take some notes. Case in point…I want to help raise TONS of hard cash, not just for cancer research, but for the CURE! I think we can pull together as a society and get er done. However, it is hurricane season and my peeps ARE down on the bayou. That being said, not only myslef, but the nation is REPRIORTIZING its immediate goals so we can reallocate resources toward the Gulf Coast, as well as the the northeast – mainly so these hurricanes do not create a PROFIT/COST LEAK for our nation and put us in the hiole further. That will trigger a chain reaction that will hinder our progress on curing cancer…so like Obama, it’s time to SHIFT and REDIRECT…just until hurricane season is over.

    My mother was an incredible nurse, and the main lesson she taught me is that I can’t fly with a broken wing! Likewise, we can’t help others if we’re sucking wind finaccially, thus placing us in “CONSTANT CRISIS mode…THANK YOU AGILE SCOUT FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE…KNOWELEDGE FROM THE NEW SCHOOL WILL SAVE PLANET EARTH!!!!

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