Agile Development in Law and Legal

Agile software development is picking up. We just wrote one of our blandest posts about the government using more Agile approaches, and it seems like the government aren’t the only ones that are looking to Agile to help them with their work.

Steven Levy recently wrote about Agile development and law and how the legal-world can learn a thing or two from Agile software development.

We’re encouraged that other industries are picking up on Agile. It’s a valuable framework for doing work! Now, is it just a philosophy or is it a process? Oh, that’s for you to decide, as long as you don’t say that Agile is a methodology in itself…

Steven has incorporated the daily standup for his team based on the need for clients and lawyers to be better communicators:

“Agile methods generally bring the customer/user right into the software development “room,” literally a physical space inhabited by the team creating the software. In other words, mediated, filtered, and sporadic conversation is transmuted into enhanced, ongoing, no-intermediary communication. While I don’t suggest attorneys have the client literally in the room all or most of the time, I do think they can learn a lot from understanding the benefits this level of communication.” – Steven Levy

Sounds good to us! May Agile grow beyond simple software development! I’m sure William Shatner from Boston Legal would be proud.

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