Agile Coaching is About Being Available To Help Others

Often, I receive emails just like this.

I find it odd that when some of the “top” coaches in the world (or well known coaches) turn out to have egos that prohibit them from engaging and trifling with others.

Yes, in this business… in some sense you have to have an ego. It’ll often push you to where you want to be. I get that. It’s interesting though… that over time… one can get sucked into the mentality that they’re just too ‘good’ or too ‘awesome’ to help others. Where did the whole servant leadership aspect go?

Want to know a true test of whether you’ve been sucked up into the “I’m-too-good-for-you” mentality? Consider your engagement patterns:

  • Are you “pushing” information to others more than listening?
  • Are you not open to co-training or co-coaching with peers?
  • Are you unwilling to engage and grow the community you’re a part of?
  • What are your social media habits? *This one’s a tickler for me… as I follow and track a lot of what’s going on in our Agile community. Our biggest offenders have the biggest mouths… and often they’re pontificating rather than engaging in meaningful idea/knowledge sharing.
  • Go to conferences? All about you? Or all about learning?

I could go on, but you get it. Make it a point to take time to invest in others. Who knows, you might just learn something. My hope is I never get that ego. If I do, I give you permission to punch me in the face.

9 Replies to “Agile Coaching is About Being Available To Help Others”

  1. You’ve done so much in the past, especially to build the ATL community and continue doing that. It’s a pleasure to be on this side of the team. Collaborating, Learning and Growing.

  2. Peter – I really am amazed at all the value you create for this community and your clients, and I hope to follow in your footsteps. Thanks for keeping it real.


  3. Well said Peter. Coaches need to check-in their ego when walking into a team. Some agile coaches and consultants live on the fact they were the “first” CSM or CSC or CST.

    – Chris

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