Agile Coaching and Development Jobs Infographic


Looks like the needs are outgrowing the availability. Time to jump on it!

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  1. One reason there are a large number of postings is that (good) people quit agile shops in droves.

    Some of the most brain dead corporations in California use Scrum, and they constantly have turnover problems — so I’m sure they are constantly hiring for new fodder to work on the agile chaos chain gang.


    1. That’s interesting. I work remotely almost always and I am *anti* agile, because most agile folks want colocated teams.

      Where are you finding agile shops that want remote developers?

      Ironically, Kent Beck telecommutes to Facebook, so that’s one metric, but I still find telecommuting for agile folks pretty rare.

      Where are you seeing it? Not that I’d want to join up so don’t worry about me stealing your job — I avoid agile projects like the plague.


  2. I wonder (suspect) that there is a relationship between the use of agile in these pressured states verses the ones in grey where agile is probably not widely used.

  3. Why such the demand for “agile developers” as opposed to just developers?

    Agile seems to be such a small part of the toolkit we expect our engineers to have that I would expect a strong developer to come up to speed w/ agile rather quickly.

      1. The study was conducted late last year in partnership with Careerbuilder. You can find the entire results here (as well as a download of the infogrphic if you were so inclined).
        What we find is that the cultural elements of applying the methodology frequently trump the actual technical skills when hiring. In addition to this organizations that are serious about transitioning to an agile methodology find difficulty in attracting talent that is very committed to practicing agile and assisting in internal prorogation of the agile faith.

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