[Agile Coach] – Thoughts on Keeping Teams High Performing

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As an Agile coach, maintaining performance with your Agile teams is super important. A couple thoughts for this Friday:

  • Develop or maintain a strong commitment to the sprint goal // or release goal.
  • Help improve attitudes by knowing and investing in your team.
  • Practice acts of kindness.
  • Acknowledge frequently you have a goal to achieve, as a team, together.
  • Don’t allow impediments interfere with your commitment.
  • Practice common courtesy.
  • Be one another’s cheerleaders.
  • Develop and demonstrate empathy.

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  1. I would add:
    Ask the team what their commitment to quality really is. If they are committed to delivering the best possible quality software, then help them make that commitment mean something (that ties into your point about removing impediments).

    Nurture a learning culture, and make sure the team is truly allowed to manage their own workload, and take time to experiment and find good ways to do their best work.

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