Agile Coach Camp 2011

[Guest Post: Paul Boos serves as the software maintenance lead for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP).  His team currently uses Kanban and Scrum to maintain the OPP legacy code base.  Prior to that he implemented Scrum as the Branch Chief for the National Development Branch within USDA/Rural Development. Follow him on twitter: @paul_boos]

Get Some S’mores – It’s Camp Time!

Agile Coach Camp is a non-profit conference where coaches come to network and develop ideas and practices for enhancing Agile Software Development. It’s an Open Space, a self-organizing, highly participative (un)conference in the vein of Bar Camp.

Agile Coach Camp is truly a special venue for Agilistas. As an Open Space event, there are zero speakers; only participants. Everyone that is attending is passionate about learning more through shared experiences. The agenda is set by the coaches attending and will be facilitated by Mike Sutton; himself an experienced Agilista and passionate facilitator. The conversations that occur are powerful and deepen everyones understanding.

Anyone that is currently or is interested in becoming an Agile Coach is welcome to attend. Consider Agile Coach Camp to be for any of the following:

  • Thought leaders looking to develop or try out new ideas.
  • New coaches who have been thrust into helping others adopt Agile Principles and Practices.
  • Experienced coaches who wish to network and share experiences and problems that have encountered.

This year, we decided to add even more learning fun to the Camp by adding an optional Games Day on the day before. The Games Day will have experienced Agilistas helping other coaches learn some great games (or if you prefer exercises) that they can use to help their teams. We expect to have 4 different Games Day tracks.

Since we added the Games Day, we thought this years theme woudl be ìGet Some Símoresî, a play on word of that favorite campfire treat. So come on out and Get S’more Learning, S’more Sharing, and S’more Fun!  And just as you would at a Camp, we expect that you will deepen your knowledge and connections with other Agilistas. We’ve set an action for this Camp to become the annual jamboree for Agile Coaches, and that participants will feel energized to create smaller troops of connected coaches to help each other.

Agile Coach Camp carries only a nominal cost of $20 to attend and an additional $40 to attend the Games Day.  Any proceeds left over from ticket purchases or Sponsors will be donated to charities.
To learn more, download our flyer, directly below, and be sure to drop by for more information, updates, and to register!

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