Agile Coach – Best Travel Companion [Headphones] – Marley Zion


I’m an audiophile. I love sound… really good sound.

I have tried many different types of headphones, from the big Beats to Skullcandy, and more.

For traveling, I found the holy grail of sound. After spending about 40 minutes trying on many different types I landed on these babies: Marley Zion + Comply foam tips. These headphones sound amazing, are cheaper than most other “high-end” and the sound quality is fantastic. Add in the foam tips for better isolation of sound… and you have a winning match. A nice addition is the ‘anti-tangle’ cord.

I don’t blog about stuff I buy at all… but these babies… hands down. Best travel headphones ever, and the reason I’m blogging about them is they seriously rock my socks. Gawd. Good sound is hard to find.

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