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So a fellow Agile coach and I sat down last week to discuss the PMI-ACP (Agile Cert) and he asked me a simple question:

Would you let your child enroll in a class on heart surgery from Emory University when you knew that the professor didn’t complete or take the doctor’s exam?… so why are people looking to get books, training, and consulting on Agile exams and certification from people who haven’t even taken the exam yet themselves!

Good question.

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  1. What about taking an exam created by people who don’t have some similar credentials? I know at least one person involved in the creation of this exam has both PMP and Scrum Alliance certifications. I am not sure about everyone involved in terms of their Agile credentials. (I presume they were all PMPs, at least.)

    1. This hits home for a lot of people, especially those that know that while training for a test doesn’t assure anything, it is an opportunity to learn. Period.
      Those that are REPs/PMI Education providers who do know their stuff and are training on it don’t promise you’ll pass the test, they will however promise to teach you something useful.

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