Agile Blogs Top 200 – Update

I’ve received many emails about the ranking system for the Top 200 Agile Blogs list.

The picture above is what I’ll be working on for the rest of the week so that means no NEW blog posts (I’m tired).

What does this mean for you?

  1. You have a chance to state your peace and enter your blog into my system by 6/9/2011 at 11:59PM.
  2. If you feel like I have missed your blog, please comment on the Top 200 Agile Blogs post.
  3. I will run you through the program and see if you’ve made the cut.
  4. BTW – Some blogs have already been bounced due to algorithm anomolies. For example: If a total blog has 0 Alexa, 0 Compete, and 0 RSS and is tied for that number with others, they receive a similar grade, interestingly enough, they get a points for shared ranking, which is the reason why you see a couple of blogs on the list with relatively zero influence… those are now gone.
  5. I like to give people a fair chance. So grab your chance to get into the top 200 list.
  6. I’ll also be adding an Honorable mention section past the 200.
  7. I’ll also be editing the post so you can grab the RSS feeds for each of the top 200 as well. Aren’t I swell?

9 Replies to “Agile Blogs Top 200 – Update”

  1. Any ranking using quantitative means is going to invite a lot of emails ๐Ÿ™‚

    With the numbers open to change every week (with search engine algorithm changes), ranking a blog is difficult, at best.

    I appreciate your taking the time and effort to compile so much information – I look at this list as a way to find out new people to learn from, nothing else. If I find a blog at #X that is more interesting and useful than someone at, say Y (less than X), then more power to me.

    Keep going.

    1. Yep. I’m inspecting and adapting. Final changes for this year will be made on Friday. After that, I’ll keep it updated yearly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the update. But, don’t kill yourself in the process! I’m thinking of all of the other posts you’re not writing because you’re trying to satisfy too many people.

    For those who don’t like the fact that you used a logical approach and actually listed the public sources in which you pulled the data, I was thinking of making a list of those who think they should have ranked higher because they believe in unicorns and the land of make believe.

    1. Yes well, the list is changing. I’m adding people on it. Running them through the program. Most are not making it but a few are good additions. Thanks for the support, all!

  3. Peter,
    Great stuff! Me and all the folks I’ve shared Agilescout with really appreciate this site. JUST ONE EXAMPLE: you’ve literally cut MONTHS off time one team I worked with would have spent evelauating Agile tools, saving the company a TON of time and MONEY by SIMPLY MAKING THE INFO WE NEEDED AVAILABLE, in 1 place.

    Keep it up!


  4. Great work, interesting reading for both it’s content and the approach you have taken. You mention in this post that you will update the list yearly. Is this published elsewhere or is he existing list more recent than it’s date suggests. I would love to see how this has changed over the period.



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