Agile Beyond Software – Team Development

We got interesting feedback on our Agile Marathon post about using Agile techniques for things outside of the office walls, like personal development.

Wayne Turmel recently wrote that Agile is also great for team development, and we completely agree here. Not only that, Derek Huether wrote a post about how Agile is gaining acceptance and growing beyond the original boundaries. This is also true. We wrote about the government going Agile, as well as the legal field going Agile (Think about that one! Lawyers being Agile!?) I bet you can come up with some jokes about that one.

Wayne tells us that teams should continue to do the following:

  • Running Tested Software – Working software is the measure of success.
  • Adaptive Planning – Continuous planning over time. Evolve your plans.
  • Continuous Testing – Don’t forget to test and re-test.
  • Continuous Improvement – Reflect on what works and what doesn’t. Keep moving upwards!
  • Small, Cross-functional Teams – Keep your teams small.

We agree with all of these. Have your teams continue to do the aforementioned and before you know it, your team is doing some facets of Agile. Welcome aboard the Agile train. It’s a fun, fast ride.

We do, however wonder about the VersionOne plug at the end of the article… it’s pretty heavy-handed. VersionOne supporter are you,Wayne? 🙂

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