Agile Art

This may be a bit revealing… but whenever I think of the word “art” I mentally go through a quick mind map:

Art -> Colors -> Clown -> Stephen King -> Pennywise -> IT -> Scary -> Art = Scary

So, I thought it would be appropriate to create the collage you see above.

Art Exhibits, Art Authorities, Art Institutions – Go Agile!

As for this article, it seems that art authorities are taking notice of Agile… or at least using some of it’s nomenclature. The Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture held a panel discussion on how things were going, some interesting and notable quotes:

  • Digital and arts collaborations, you have different cultures between developers and marketing…
  • Getting all people together at the start, to see the whole product. Everyone gets to have their own view of the product.
  • We became iterative… each step of the way people worked with us to break down barriers.
  • Lots of face-to-face meetings and collaborative tools to share ideas.
  • It’s Agile, flexible, everything become iterative, and you feedback constantly, user experience, content, technology.
  • Have to keep the feedback loop going.
  • We have to have a collaborative model.
  • We have a vision of openness… visions of Shakespeare… (not sure what that is).

I’ll be honest, the video below is quite boring, but for a guy like me who is crazy about Agile-stuff… well, I just get a kick out of it.

See the full video below:


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