Agile Around the World – Trends in Agile

Agile is picking up speed in the industry (Go Costa Rica!), but so are other methodologies and frameworks. So which is really the right choice for a business?

I recently had a fantastic conversation with Donna Reed of Agilista about this very issue.

What are the primary drivers for Agile in a business?

Is it the trends in the last 6-months? Is it market demand, or do businesses really need go “Go Agile.”

Talking with Donna helped me better understand the turmoil within my mind about companies and their “need” to use Agile.

To quote Donna:

Companies are different, all have different needs, isn’t it great that we live in a country where there is so much diversity?

So maybe they don’t need Agile as much as they need an effective solution to their business problems. They need someone who has enough experience in the marketplace who can lean on their experiences (good and bad) and help them with their business problem. A strict adherence to “Agile Practices” may not be the solution. This person is someone who can craft a unique solution to a unique business. Someone who can utilize many different facets of business methodologies (agile or not), frameworks, processes, and even tools to help their client solve their business problem.

Agile practitioners are just that. People with experience. I’m glad that Donna and I could agree on this point. It’s great to know that there are people out there who are seeking the best for their clients and kicking butt doing it.

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