Agile Adoption Growing in India – What about the rest of Asia?

ThoughtWorks recently published a new survey about the “Agile Adoption in India – Survey 2011” carried out earlier this year in partnership with CIOL to understand the Agile adoption trends in business and IT in India.

The survey captured responses from 770 IT practitioners and executives from 330 organisations across the country.

The survey results provided some key insights into Agile adoption trends in India.

Most organisations following the Agile methodology experienced significantly faster time-to-market of 68%, with 68% more adaptability to changing requirements from clients and improved IT productivity and quality, which led to a better ROI of 60%, and an increased project visibility of 60%. 

Key areas of concern when adopting Agile included internal IT opposition (53%) followed by insufficient expertise, in both coaching and leadership (41%) and difficulty in finding engineering talent (36%).
Of the respondents, 39% had moderate experience working on Agile practices, while 14% affirmed being experts; 84% who were early champions of Agile belonged to the management and executive level, while 44% worked in organisations using Agile practices in some projects.
It was interesting to note that the maximum number of respondents came from Indian and foreign MNCs.
“The results showed that progress towards Agile is being made, but that adoption must be carefully managed to introduce and embed all relevant practices, otherwise anticipated benefits might not be realised.” – Sudhir Tiwari, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks India.
So tell us, ThoughtWorks, what about countries like Japan, Korea, and China??? I wanna know!

[HT: ThoughtWorks]

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  2. Hello. I’m working as Agile/Scrum coach in Japan.

    In Japan, Agile is now broadly known by executives, managers and developers. but there are many people who misunderstand it.
    I think agile methodology is used by 10% at a maximum in Japan.

    We will hold Scrum Gathering Tokyo 2011 at Oct 19,22 in Tokyo, Japan !

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