What is GiveCON?

GiveCON is inspired by BarCamp , an “unconference” movement centered around discussions, workshops, and participation. At GiveCON, we gather together for the good of others.

We desire to create the largest local and national non-profit conferences in the world.


  • Give time. Give resources. Give life.
  • Grow relationships. Grow knowledge. Grow communities.
  • Go change. Go disrupt. Go forward.

GiveCON – also known as GiveConference – is a user organized gathering focused on helping not-for-profit companies grow through the sharing of local expertise and knowledge. There are no attendees, only participants. This means that the biggest expectation at GiveCON is that everyone participates and everyone learns. Some participants will present while others will lead a roundtable discussion. Some will contribute simply by sharing their experiences and others by helping with logistics, securing sponsorships, setting up Wi-Fi, etc. GiveCON is an “unconference” like nothing else out there. We gather for the good.

Why should you go to GiveCON?

GiveCON is a place to network, learn, and collaborate together with local experts in various field. Have your business cards and a smile ready, we’re looking forward to meeting you.

At GiveCON, we gather together for the good of others.

How many GiveCONs are there?

Just one for now. We’re looking for volunteers to start the movement in other cities. Drop us an email if you’d like to begin a conversation around how you can start a GiveCON in your city. []

What should I bring to GiveCON?

A willingness to learn, network, have discussions, and think about solutions. It doesn’t hurt to also bring a laptop (power strip), iPad, business cards, pen/paper, camera, and anything else part of your iLife.

What should I bring to GiveCON as a potential presenter?

Be prepared with: Your laptop, VGA adapter (Mac), printed versions of slides, power strip, wireless remote, presentation on USB (for backup), pens, paper, and any other material relevant to your presentation.

Where are the list of presentations?

Presentations are submitted in advance on our website [here]. Presenters prepare in advance, but all presentations are selected by the participants at the beginning of GiveCON. Each candidate presentation title is listed on the wall. Each presenter then gives a 30 second “pitch” and then participants vote for the presentations they want. GiveCON is an ad-hoc experience. By selecting presentations on-the-fly, the topics are guaranteed to be the most meaningful to participants.

What are the ground rules of GiveCON?

  • GiveCON is open to anyone – Anyone with something to contribute or with the desire to learn. So no spectators, only participants.
  • Sharing is required – GiveCON is a high-energy event with discussions, demos and interaction from all participants. So, when you come, be prepared to collaborate with others. And when you leave, be prepared to share it with the world. Participants must contribute in some way. You can present, do a demo, hold a discussion, or help with a session. Everyone contributes in some way to support the event.
  • Blatant promotion of specific commercial products is discouraged – If you are passionate about a specific commercial product or service, hold a Demo session/slot for folks to demonstrate specific commercial products etc. rather than take up whole slots with company pitches. And yes, GiveCON sponsors respect this rule, too. If people love your product as much as you do, they’ll vote to listen to you talk about it!
  • Just because you have a schedule conflict, doesn’t mean you lose out – Presenters are responsible for making sure that notes/slides/audio/video of their presentations are published on the web for the benefit of all and those who can’t be present.
  • Help us get the word out about GiveCON – Tweet us, blog about us, talk to your peers about us. Use the links below:
  • GiveCON Website:
  • LinkedIn Group: GiveCON on LinkedIn
  • Join our Facebook page: GiveCON on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter: @givecon
  • Use Twitter Hashtags when tweeting: #givecon

If you want to present a topic, all you need to do is:

  • Write your topic and your name in a presentation slot on the voting all at the start of GiveCON.
  • Give a 30 second pitch about your topic

The number of presentations is limited to the time and space allowed within the meeting facility. There are no pre-scheduled presentations. That is, everyone has an equal presenting opportunity. Even first-time participants present. But, if you don’t present, at least ask a question.

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