Disclosure Policy

At Agile Scout we make it one of our missions to stay legit. Meaning are desire is to comply with all regulatory law, including the FTC Ruling for Bloggers. We follow the rules not only to protect ourselves, but to ensure that you, the reader, are supplied with a trustworthy source for Agile software development news.

Under these stipulations you can safely assume that all content, copy, and media found on AgileScout.com fall under the following policies:

  • All content and blog posts found on Agile Scout has financial impact.
  • All content and blog posts can be used to advertise, promote, or support products, services, and affiliate businesses. This includes comments and statements made by our readers and subscribers.
  • All prizes and giveaways are paid for by Agile Scout unless otherwise stated.
  • All products or services we receive we get for free at not cost to the writers.
  • All reviews of products or services that Agile Scout covers will be reviewed fairly. There is no guarantee that reviews will be “positive” in nature. Our goal is that our assessments for our readers are fair.
  • All advertising held on Agile Scout is a signed partnership by Agile Scout and the 3rd party business. We will promote and advertise at will and will not necessarily note the use of affiliate links when used.
  • All promotions of products and services by Agile Scout are reviewed and deemed valuable for our readers. We do not promote or endorse products or services we believe are not of highest value.
  • All investigative reporting is done with the highest ethic possible with as much information/facts as we can gather. We report on books, blogs, tools (electronic or other), events, people, and stories that affect the community, positive or negative.

Blogging for us is not only a passion but also a joy. We will continue to strive towards excellence in our content.

– The Agile Scouts –

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