About Us

MISSION: To build the premier fintech company based in Atlanta, GA

Hi, we’re Peter Saddington and Christopher Jung, two passionate people who love Bitcoin and everything that it stands for.

Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in:

  • Mining cryptocurrencies
  • Building decentralized applications using blockchain technology
  • Supporting or investing in our success

For Investors

We have passed on $1.2M of investment/seed funding (but it was super fun to go through all the motions)! We will be bootstrapping our startup. For other investment questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us at info@fintechgroupinc.com.

All the best,

Peter and Christopher

Keynoting in Germany!

Peter Saddington is a trained scientist, entrepreneur, and engineer who got his love for 1’s and 0’s back in the early 90’s sending mail bombs on telnet and hacking bbs. An eternal skeptic of authority, it makes sense that Peter has built 12 startups since 1997… of which 10 of them have failed, spectacularly. His love for Bitcoin arose from helping large companies solve complex software development issues. In 2014, Peter found that Bitcoin technology can help solve some of the most complex issues that organizations and individual people struggle with. He also enjoys the technical, statistical, and fundamental analysis of “fractal” systems like stock markets.

Peter also loves bullet lists. Here are some of his accolades:

  • Scientist and Entrepreneur with 2 private exits (Product and Service) – Many more have failed…
  • Published author of 2 books, various industry publications, and blogger on software development on one of the top Agile Software Development blogs in the world: Agilescout.com
  • Board member, advisor, and investor in startups at various stages
  • Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) having trained over 15K+ in better development practices (Agile/Scrum/Kanban/Lean/Org Change)
  • International Speaker at various industry conferences – Find the list here: http://agilescout.com/about/about-peter-saddington/
  • Author of The Agile Pocket Guide – Wiley Publishers http://amzn.com/1118438256
  • Linkedin…
  • B.S. Computer Science
  • M.A. Counseling – Organizational Design
  • M.A. Education – Learning Theory
  • MDiv Masters Divinity – Religion

You can call me ImaginaryPie

Christopher Jung is a civil engineer, and bitcoin hobbyist. He has worked for 10 years to become a professional engineer in the field of civil engineering. In January of 2017, Christopher was introduced to bitcoin. Christopher thought of bitcoin as a way to make some quick cash on his tax return money. After investing and learning more about bitcoin and what it represents, Christopher switched from thinking about bitcoin as a short term investment to a long term investment. His pursuit of knowledge in bitcoin lead him to bitcoin mining. With his knowledge of building computers, Christopher was able to diving into the complex world of cryptocurrency mining.