6 Months – 10 Great Book Giveaways

Yep. These books + more are going to be given away for the rest of this year!

I’ve been slowly collecting extra copies of books that I just absolutely have loved reading in the past 6 months. The books are all over the map, from project management, social media, executive reading material, books on blogging, and more.

Every month will be a new book up for grabs, so stay tuned, and let your friends know.

How to enter:

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Simple. Jump on it! Contest entry closes (for this month) on July 16, 11:59PM.

First up, Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality – Scott Belsky

This book seriously will rock your socks off. Overcome the obstacles between vision and reality. Make your reality happen. Trust me, you will love what Belsky has to say. He totally changed my thinking on several occasions… could it be true that we are our own worst… blocker?

Daily Scrum

  1. Yesterday I couldn’t complete my work because I block myself.
  2. Today I want to move forward, but I’m blocking myself.
  3. I’m the blocker.

Stop being the blocker. Make it happen.

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    1. Seth Godin is the author of Linchpin, Tribes, The Dip, Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, and Permission Marketing, as well as other international bestsellers. He is consistently one of the 25 most widely read bloggers in the English language. Read his exclusive Amazon guest review of Making Ideas Happen:

      Should you buy a book that will make you uncomfortable?

      More questions: Why is it so difficult to ship good ideas out the door? Why do committees show up and wreck the purity of your idea? Why do people avoid doing the hard work of actually bringing their work to the market?

      I’ll tell you why: Because it’s safe. Ideas that never ship are never criticized. Faceless committees accept the blame for tepid products that were probably better off in the warehouse. And managers in search of a place to hide can best hide behind the unshipped product, the unrealized idea and the system gone wrong.

      Scott Belsky has your number. He’s seen it all before. He knows your excuses, he’s seen your shtick and he knows all the ways to avoid doing the work. In this book, Scott’s not giving you any place to hide.

      There. Do you still want to read his book?

      If you care about your art, your job or your market, you really have no choice. This is strategy and tactics, concepts and how-to, all in one on a topic that’s often overlooked.

      –Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

  1. Making Ideas Happen sounds like the kind of read I’m needing right now. Something to further inspire putting abstract ideas into reality.

  2. Scott Belsky is a hot topic today. I just read a post about Scott’s view in managing a crisis as if you were an expert.

  3. I hope English readers such as myself can enter your competition. It would be great to win this book !! Actually I won the season 2 DVD of Nurse Jackie last week in a competition so maybe I’m on a roll. Keep up the excellent blogging

  4. I work in leadership development and we’re looking at how scrum and other agile methodologies reflect a form of emergent leadership and perhaps a new metaphor for addressing challenges of innovation and change at the periphery. Great stuff and free books are good …

  5. The 16th may be too late. I think I’ll have to to get it on kindle. I have GOT to get this thing done but I am blocking myself, and have been for a month!

    Just found your blog thanks to Ah-Ha moments!


  6. I tweeted. I am commenting and I can walk to pick up my book (when I win) – Doesn’t get easier than this ;). Jokes apart – It’s amazing how many awesome ideas you come up with Peter. AgileScout ROCKS!

  7. This is awesome! My company has newly adopted agile and in my quest for knowledge I stumbled upon your blog. I love it! Thank you for the great information and book ideas!

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  9. Sounds like this will be definitely worth a read. Nothing quit like a motivating “can do” approach for getting things done. Ideas are just ideas until they are realised. Hope I get a copy!

  10. Uff! Just found out about your giveaway program and I just missed the book “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done” which I would have really loved to get my hands on.

    I have shared your giveaway so that others like me have the chance to participate.

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