3 Secrets of the Most Productive People

I fly every week. I get good reading done. I particularly enjoyed a good read from Inc. Magazine on the 3 secrets of productive people. What I found most encouraging… is that I do all 3. Boy, I’m productive!

Productive people don’t work more hours than you do. Productive people just have a knack for making the most of their time. In a recent column on Inc.com, serial entrepreneur and author Margaret Heffernan discussed the traits shared by the truly productive.

They take breaks

It’s easy to think you will get more done if you never stop. But what’s clear from neuroscience is that we can easily get resource depleted (that is, tired) and quickly get stuck. Taking a break refreshes your mind, allowing you to see new solutions.

They are great collaborators

Highly productive people tend to have wide networks. They get more done by bouncing ideas off colleagues, clients, and other contacts.

They have lives outside of work

Far from being maniacally focused, highly productive people have rich private lives. Interests outside of work hone different skills and let you think in different ways.

[HT: Inc.com]

10 Replies to “3 Secrets of the Most Productive People”

  1. Peter, right after my next break, I’ll call you to bounce another idea about enriching my work-life balance…

    Appreciate the great insights, as always!
    –Ken 😉

  2. So true! With the demands of work, continuing education, and motherhood, I find that an ESSENTIAL extension of #2 (Collaboration)is Delegating!!

    When I started allowing myself to delegate, things started to look up immediately.

    Thanks for sharing, Peter!

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