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Project Management – Cleaning out the Closet – 1200+ page Project Management Books!

Doing a little bit of fall cleaning I came upon a 1203-page book (yes over 1000+pages) that I had gotten in 2002 in preparation for one of my first government Program Management roles. I distinctly remember getting through the first 200-300 pages with my head spinning. I had already covered “Understanding Project Management,” “Defining Project Success,” and the “Roles of a Project Manager” and more. I hadn’t even really gotten to the meat-and-potatoes of being a good PM.

As my daughter circled me like a vulture looking for things to mess with as I cleaned she took a look at this book, tried to lift it, then literally pushed it aside for a smaller, and less heavy book. Her reaction made me laugh.

She wanted something she could handle… and so do I.

As I look back at my early days in the 90’s as a developer and manager I remember thinking about how daunting multi-million dollar programs were. How do you handle such things? Apparently there are Ph.D’s who write about this stuff.

But why was the entry fee so expensive and heavy? Back then, I didn’t know what the world had yet to offer (Agile).

Traditional PM processes and methods are super valuable. Agile isn’t here to change all of that per se… but rather add and re-contextualize those learnings and experiences to something a bit more flexible and adaptable.

“The illiterate of the future are not those who can’t read or write but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn” – Alvin Toffler

As I say in my classes, “I’m not here to have you unlearn your previous experiences…but rather learn, and contextualize your experiences and how to apply Agile to your environment and culture.”

Now, I do, however want to ask the blogsphere: “Is there anyone that wants this almost 100% perfect condition book?” If you send me shipping cost, I’ll send it to you!!! 🙂

Outside In Perspective (Series 5/5)

The 3 B’s of Going Global: Beliefs, Behaviors, Benefits

Beliefs and behaviors are the hard part. Behavior can get to beliefs, which is cultural. – Brad White, Partner, Prophet, formerly (r)evolution

This is the last of the series “Something Innovative happened at KO HQ this Thursday”

Operating Globally? First, understand the point of view (aka needs) of consumers and then the shareholders’ point of view. The two are linked, products cannot have market success without both needs met. Continue reading “Outside In Perspective (Series 5/5)”

Promote Your Blog with Google Plus

Google’s Search Plus  is an opportunity to increase the visibility of your blog in search results using some simple search methods. Google has been including Google Search Plus results in your search results since January 2012. This modifies Google’s search algorithm to gain a human review of the search results. You gain visibility if your blog content is commented, shared or liked in a social network like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Since their birth in the late 1990’s, search engines have lacked a quality signal to decide if search results are really useful content or just some clever sales page devised to lure you in through a search engine. Google Search Plus adds ranking of the search results from people you know and from people you don’t know, so the quality of search results for your search queries should improve.

So how can you use Google Plus and and other social platforms to increase your visibility in the Google search results?

How to Optimize Your Blog with Google Plus

Your approach to influencing Google Search Plus will require;

  • Maintaining a Google Plus One page specifically linking to your blog or consulting web page content.
  • Build up a community in your Google Plus Circles that includes people who post content that is relevant.
  • You can affect the Google Search Plus results by placing your desired keywords into the Introduction, Employment, Education and Places lived section of your Google Plus profile. Placing topic keywords into your Google Plus profile helps Google search results, whether search users are logged in to Google or not logged in to Google. You’ll have to do the research to uncover the two or three keywords that accurately describe your specialty, in order to appear in the search results.
  • Google Search Plus also includes data from other major social networks. Distributing your content on other social networks will enhance your Google Search Results presence.
  • Google Search Plus returns search results based on your circles and activity on Google Plus. It’s important to expand the number of people in your circles. You should also use Plus+s, comments and shares with people in your circles.
  • Google Search Plus favors content that is easily shared across social networks. Having the Google +1 button visible on your content is crucial to Search Plus optimization. You’ll also want to place social share buttons for other social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or bookmarking sites like Reddit.