Just a little respect – It’s about Being Agile

Everyday we get up, get ready, ride our car/public transportation, go to work, to matter, to make someone’s day and after a hard day return home. At every single step there are ¬†various elements that are a part of our life and interaction. One very important one – Humans.

Be it family, friends, co-workers, travelers on the road/public transport – Humans. Yeah, different race, religion etc. – but humans. Every one of us is unique.

We all are marching together to accomplish something РTo work. That work Рbelieve it or NOT, affects humans Рmostly in a positive way. We as a community are engaged in solving problems for each other, trying to make this journey called life a little simpler. So, if I am supposed to work on something that benefits others, I would myself like to be in a positive frame of mind. When I am feeling good, I have seen it influence positive vibe with others whom I interact.

I am not here to lecture on world peace. Most of the people reading this article and blog, I assume, are adults. Some leaders, agile enthusiasts and great human beings. I just wanted to share a simple message – before we honk at someone, before we shout at a colleague, team member or anyone, before cutting in the line while driving, before showing that finger because someone is not driving the way WE want them to drive – let’s take a moment: breathe, think and then react.

AgileScout blog is not just about agile, but it is about that scout in everyone of us. I’ve been one. I always will be. As a scout, I was taught to respect people and I always will. How about you?

Munch over this thought, while I cook something else for us.