Agile Workouts – Get Trained – Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Wouldn’t you want to be Agile-trained by someone like this… ?

Yep. I sure would.

So, continuing on from my previous post on Agile Fitness for Coaches and Consultants which offended some people… 🙂 I find it necessary to help people move forward in their quest to be the healthiest Agile Coach of all time. Here are a couple workouts that I’ve built and used to help train others.


  • This is a combination of strength training with overall body training.
  • This has been a compilation of several workouts and can be retrofitted with your particular style.
  • This is NOT a be-all end-all but merely a guide for your own personal fitness goals.
  • Be safe and always work out with a partner to get the gain 🙂
  • YOU WILL FIND 3 SECTIONS: Strength Training, Sport Training, and Workouts for Women (which I built out in a text format) – **Note for women: Please don’t worry about “lifting weights will make me into a hulk.” It doesn’t work that way. You don’t have enough testosterone to bulk up. Google it. Women should lift weights! 🙂
  • PLEASE SEE Peter’s 5 RULES for Healthy Living – For Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants

Note: Use this in conjunction with the Men’s Health Fitness Guide Below:

[DOWNLOAD PDF] – Total_Body_Plan_Saddington

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Agile Fitness – Coaching Requires Healthy Living

Imagine having Agile Coaches look like this? We’d be more than just a service… we’d be an IDEAL.

“I can’t take an Agile coach or trainer seriously when they stand in front of me telling me about the transformative effects of Agile when they, themselves, are over-weight, out of breath and sweating. They’re telling us about transformation. THEY are the ones that need to transform.”

I recently had a chat with a fellow Agile Coach around my healthy-living lifestyle. He is now undergoing his own body-transformation. 🙂 Our conversation was very enlightening as I had never thought about writing about this particular topic. If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been a health junkie for a years, even helping train others in their gym workouts to grab a little bit of extra cash when I was in University.

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The Traffic Power of Long Tail Search Keywords

So, how can your web site or blog compete with major competitor search listings on the first page of search results? By using the traffic building power of many long tail search keywords.

Natural search keywords fall into two groups, broad keywords and niche long tail keywords. A broad keyword is a one or two word phrase that people enter into a search engine, such as “cars”. A broad keyword will produce millions of search results and many of the search listings on the first page of search results will be the major, established competitors. Major competitors who rank on the first page of search listings may get a huge volume of visitors to that one broad keyword focused web page. Many smaller competitors for the search phrase “cars”, will end up on the fifth page of search results or worse. If your web page doesn’t show on the first page of search results, it might as well be invisible.

Long Tail Search Keywords
A long tail keyword is a search phrase with several words that represents a very specific search, such as “red convertible sports car”. Now imagine that you build many web pages for all the variations of of this search phrase, such “blue convertible sports car”, and many others.
Consider that there are fewer competitors for the long tail search phrases, which makes it easier for your web site to rank first for all the long tail keyword phrases that you target. The long tail keyword strategy states that you can get more web traffic by ranking for hundreds of long tail keyword searches that attract only a few visitors each, than by ranking for one broad keyword phrase like “cars”. Continue reading “The Traffic Power of Long Tail Search Keywords”

7th Annual State of Agile with @VersionOne

There’s something about the Lucky Number 7…

It’s Version One’s 7th year conducting the Annual ‘State of Agile Development’ Survey and they are feeling the itch to give away a MacBook Air 11two new iPads and some Amazon gift cards. Might be your lucky day to win!

Just give it 10 minutes of your time to share your experiences with agile. Participants get access to the data before anyone else. These results have delivered valuable insight and agile success to the more than 20,000 software professionals who have taken the survey since its inception.

Don’t miss out! The State of Agile Survey is now open and will run through September. Go to to participate.

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Transparency as a Customer Builds a Relationship

We’re in the market for a customer feedback solution. There’s tons of them out there. After putting together a list and culling down to the “A/B” candidates, the real work begins…

  • Get the stakeholders together to pull out the specs
  • Scour the A/B list’s web sites to see if the specs agree
  • Create the features/product spreadsheet and select the “A” candidates
  • Interview them all, see their demos (hopefully some are online and less than one hour)
  • SELECT two to show stakeholders, winner takes all!

Pretty typical, yet after this marathon are you getting at the core of their offerings? Probably not. At best you get a sling shot approach or the canned demo from hell. That’s just a waste of everyone’s time.

To remedy this, I suggest after selecting “A” candidates, to partner with them before they plan their demos. What, open the kimono? Big #Yes!  By engaging and being collaborative each side knows what the other is looking for – don’t worry, you can spot a con in a second. What falls out is solid information and a start to a strong relationship. Now that’s building business value, building a win.

BTW: for those who still enjoy a visit from a sales rep, my idea works here too. Communicate “the whats” and its way easier to determine which solution will best fit your organization.

I bet your “partner” answers your support calls pretty quickly too.