[Announcement] – AgileScout adds Sameer Bendre as Executive Contributor

AgileScout.com is happy to announce that we’ve grown +1 (again).

We’re happy to introduce Sameer Bendre as he joins AgileScout as an Executive Contributor.

Sameer has around 13 years of experience in IT industry. He started as a software developer and moved on to be a QA analyst, functional lead, project lead, business analyst and project management consultant. He has been an agile learner since 2006 and has been implementing & advocating agile practices since then on his consulting engagements. He has served in all the scrum roles: team member, scrum master & product owner. Sameer holds a Bachelors in Engineering and is also a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) & Project Management Professional (PMP).
Sameer is on the SF Agile 2012 conference committee. He volunteers as a Program Manager with PMI Atlanta’s Agile Interest Group and is a Product Owner on PMI Agile Community of Practice for Knowledge Management & Community Editorial board teams. He lives and breaths the servant leader principle.
He is a foody, amateur photographer, amateur golfer and likes to improve his guitar skills when he can find time between his crazy schedule. On weekends, he prefers to focus on health by going on long walks, hiking and swimming with his wife, Meghana.

FBI Fails at Agile Software Development

An FBI project to develop a digital case-management system to replace outdated, paper-based processes has been delayed again, despite the agency’s decision to use agile development to hasten its completion. The system, called Sentinel, is now due to be deployed in May, eight months later than the FBI planned when it embarked on the agile development strategy.

In 2006, the FBI awarded Lockheed Martin a $305 million contract to lead development of Sentinel, but it took back control of the project in September 2010 amid delays and cost overruns. At the time, the FBI said it would finish Sentinel within 12 months using agile development…

The FBI attributed the glitches to overburdened legacy computer hardware and said the hardware will need to be upgraded to support Sentinel’s use across the agency, according to the IG. (Looks to me that this may be a case of Agile development in hardware projects)?

“Because of the uncertainties associated with the hardware procurement and the cost associated with the additional delay in Sentinel’s development and procurement, we remain concerned about the FBI’s abilities to remain within its budget,” the IG stated.

The agile development approach is a big bet for FBI CIO Chad Fulgham and CTO Jeff Johnson, former IT executives with brokerage firm Lehman Bros. (wait, did they come from the failed company? See our post on Lehman Bros and Agile), who inherited the project when they joined the agency in 2008 and 2009, respectively, and determined that a new strategy was needed to get the high-profile project across the finish line. – Seems like Lehman couldn’t hold it together with Agile before… 

Nay-sayers of Agile will rejoice as it could be said that Agile fails once again. *derp.

[HT: InfoWeek]

Lean Kanban University – The Beginning?

Lean Kanban University (LKU) has now opened it’s doors for business.

This past week they announced the formation of the first-ever Accredited Kanban Training Program to address the growing demand for high quality training in the Kanban Method.

“The Lean-Kanban University Accredited Kanban Training Program exists to provide confidence to consumers about the quality of the Kanban training that they will receive. The program establishes the quality of Kanban training based on the status of 1) the organization, 2) the individual trainer, and 3) the training curriculum. Member organizations, their trainers and their training curriculums must meet the established criteria in all three areas in order to call their Kanban training “accredited” under the terms of the program.”

“As demand for Kanban grows, consumers worldwide will benefit from trusted Kanban training delivered by our member firms,” said David J. Anderson, the newly-appointed CEO of Lean-Kanban University.”

A friend sent me the PR news clip about this but also included a link to Diploma Mills along with it… possibly to instigate me to write about it in a negative light. As a reporting organization, we write to tell the news, to enlighten people to things going on in the software development community. We report. You decide.

What do you think? Is the community ready for another certification program or diploma to show expertise?

Necessary, Possible, Then Do the Impossible

“Start by doing what is necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi

This is great advice, and it even applies to teams doing software.

Find the priorities. Do what is necessary. Then as you learn, move towards doing the possibilities as they open up to you. Inspect, adapt, retrospect, improve… suddenly, you’re doing the impossible: High-performance teams.

[Announcement] – AgileScout.com Welcomes Ken “Classmaker” Ritchie as Executive Contributor

AgileScout.com is happy to announce that we’ve grown +1.

We’re happy to introduce Ken “Classmaker” Ritchie as he joins AgileScout as an Executive Contributor.

Ken loves to help others build great systems and businesses, by:

  1. Building people – as coworkers, colleagues, competitors;
  2. Reaching out – to clients, customers, communities; and
  3. Finding better ways – improving ideas, tools, processes.

From Ken:

“I love to learn, love to share, and help others do so. By modeling servant leadership, facilitating interactions, and promoting agile practices, I help others succeed in learning, relating, and contributing to the success of their groups by self-organizing around shared goals for business and personal growth. I enjoy collaboration!

My technical background includes several decades of “hard core” software development, diversified “been there–done that” experience, and many lessons learned. My agile journey began in the 1990’s. I have been mentored by some amazing people, then hired to mentor others. Continue reading “[Announcement] – AgileScout.com Welcomes Ken “Classmaker” Ritchie as Executive Contributor”