Does Agile Have a Dirty Little Secret?

“Most of the project management methodologies utilized today evolved from the processes used in developing the assembly lines of the early industrial revolution…That being said, you might be interested to know that next to accounting software, project management software is the oldest software product. It’s been around, in a very similar form to what it is now, for a very long time.” – Ty Kiisel

So what is the dirty little secret of project management?

“The dirty little secret of project management is that after all these years of software development, the tools have become so complicated that end users don’t use them.” – Ty Kiisel

I was talking with a colleague who is a PMP and an outspoken individual last year at a conference. He asked me a simple question and then answered it himself:

“You know what is a racket? The PMI (Project Management Institute).”

I asked him why that was.

“You have an entire industry: certification, consulting, seminars, conferences like this (the one we were at), software products, and so-called experts… whose entire career and industry revolves around the Gantt chart, and outdated and worthless construct when it comes to software development.”

While I do not agree with his statements, it does make you think, doesn’t it? Sounds to me like Ty and my colleague need to get together and collude to fix the project management conundrum.

But this got me thinking. Does Agile have a dirty little secret? Are we making Agile more and more complicated over time? Is it time to come back to the basics of the Agile Manifesto 1.0? Agile Manifesto 2.0? Agile Manifesto 2.1?

The Agile industry has just as much as the PMI: certification, consulting, seminars, conferences, software products, books, experts, etc. Have we gone too far? Have we monetized Agile beyond it’s original intent? Has the brand been tarnished? Has it lost it’s luster and new-car smell? 10 years later, have we improved because of Agile?

  • What do you think about my colleague’s comment?
  • What do you think about where Agile is today?

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[Fun] – Obama Says “NO” to Facebook

Michelle Obama says her daughters aren’t on Facebook, and that’s the way she likes it.

The first lady says her girls, Sasha, 9, and Malia, 12, have certain restrictions that other children don’t have because of security issues. But she also said during an interview on NBC’s “Today Show” on Wednesday that she’s:

“Not a big fan of young kids having Facebook.”

With all the news out there, we use Facebook as an information radiator to present our news via the Facebook medium. Is it an “access to information” issue or just good parenting?

How much news do you get from Facebook?

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Week Retrospective 21 – PMI Certification and Pecha-Kuchas

Kidzban – Kanban for Your Classroom

If you’re a teacher, you need to check out what one teacher @topsurf is doing for her class: Putting her kids on a Kanban workflow system.

A quick scan of her blog will tell you, she loves her some personal Kanban. While Kanban is great for software development and teams new to Agile, personal Kanban can be used for life.

Dubbed, “Kidzban,” personal Kanban on a Child’s level, Patty has seen many posts on successful kidzbans being used at home. That led her to think about bringing it into the classroom last year and using it on the Pre-k level. So far Patty has found great success in it.

“I have used Personal Kanban in almost every aspect of my life since learning about it on the Personal Kanban website. I truly believe there is not one instance in which you can’t apply Personal Kanban. NOT ONE.”

A huge Kanban fan? You betcha. Patty’s other blog posts range from personal Kanban with swimming to dealing with sleeping issues.

There seems to be a place for personal Kanban in every part of life. If your looking for a good read and how to apply Kanban to your life, make sure you hit up her blog below.

By the way, she also runs Layers of Love, an organization dedicated to supporting chemotherapy patients. +10 to charisma.

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[Tool Review] – Action Method for iPad – Task Management on the Go

As iPad saturates the IT development environment more and more users are wanting iPad support for their favorite task management tools. We know that Pivotal Tracker has iPhone support, and a tool we reviewed before is specific for the iPhone (Scrum2Go Review), but how about the iPad?

At my current client, at least 5 developers have iPads and use them regularly. Should tool developers be looking towards mobile and tablets? Absolutely.

Enter: Action Method Powerful Mobile Task Management

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