Technical User Stories – 3 Reasons NOT to Have Them

Ron Jeffries is well known. He’s so well known that he doesn’t even have to tell you who he is. You should just know. A quick trip to his Twitter page tells you that. #ronjeffries #pwnd

Regardless, we always perk up whenever we read something he has to say. Usually it’s pretty interesting stuff. His latest blog entry tells us that we do not need technical user stories. Period.

Why is that?

Let’s break it down for the rest of us peons, shall we?

“One of the pillars of Scrum is for the Product Owner (PO) to prioritize work for the team, so that the best possible product can be delivered within the desired time and budget.¬†Clearly, the PO is (should be) capable of pinpointing the most value. Therefore, it isn’t too smart for a development team to focus on anything other than what the PO wants.”

Since technical user stories have the promise of providing faster velocity in the future, and are different from the PO’s user stories, you end up having a priority and time dilemma: PO user stories VS. Technical user stories.

Ron Jeffries 3 Reasons to NOT Have Technical User Stories

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