2011 US Agile Coach Camp – The unConference for Agile Coaches

This year’s US Agile Coach Camp will kick-off this weekend following the outstanding camps held in Norway, Germany, Canada, and elsewhere. The Camp organizers couldn’t be happier about continuing the fine tradition from prior Camps both inside and outside the US.  Agile Coach Camp was started by Deborah Hartmann-Preuss and Naresh Jain and held in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Since then additional Camps have been added around the world.

The primary goal for these Camps is to bring Agile Coaches together to share experiences and develop new ideas that will assist each other as they help  organizations in adopting Agile.  The Camps use an Open Space format such that everyone is a participant; there aren’t any ‘speakers’. Each camp is organized by a team of coaches that come together out of inspiration to bring others together for connecting and sharing information.  many coaches work alone and rarely get to have a forum to better their coaching skills and develop new directions forward for themselves. Agile Coach Camps give coaches that opportunity.

The Camp this year will be in Columbus, Ohio 24-25 September with a Games Day prior on 23 September.  This year’s theme is S’mores, a play on words for that great camping treat…  Getting S’more Learning,making S’more Connections, and having S’more fun is what it is all about.  The US Camp’s hope is that it will inspire people to go back to their local Agile communities and stand-up their own small self-organizing, self-help groups such as the Agile Influencers of DC (AID).  Agile Coach Camp has a wonderful set of sponsors; our title sponsor GrowthPlus has worked hard to make sure this is the event to remember.  We are also happy to have Mike Sutton of Wizewerx to facilitate our event; he’s traveling quite that distance to help make our event truly special.

The US Agile Coach Camp Games Day and Camp itself had sold out by the beginning of August and tickets were increased to accommodate more people.

You can learn more about the Camp at http://blog.agilecoachcamp.us/

If you are interested in following along with what is going along at the
Camp see the Agile Coach Camp Daily at
http://paper.li/acc_us/1307653895 or follow the #accus hashtag on

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