[Tool Review] – Wridea – For Thought Management

Ever had a great idea and needed a place to store it? Oh wait, you already have an app for that called Evernote. Wait, stay with us here. This tool that we found may just help you “visualize” your ideas in once central place and collaborate with other people about your ideas.

Enter: WrideaIdea Management and Brainstorming Tools

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Sustaining Agility – A Look Ahead

What Does This Year Hold?

As we look towards this year with anticipation I see that my clients have a ton of work ahead of them. Certainly it’s easy to get tunnel-vision, in that we have mission critical projects and focus solely on them.

Bottom line: we need to get them done.

But we need not forget our drive for continuous improvement and refactoring! Some things that have come to mind for me as we get steeped into our projects include:

  1. Evolving the current processes – Ask the question: “What can be changed?”
  2. Monitoring our current health with empirical skepticism – “Does this make sense?”
  3. Having a beginner’s mind and avoid the expert-attitude. – “Why are we doing this?”

These questions may be broad, but they also are good starting points for improving our processes. Keep a fresh perspective for the new year!

[Image Source: cs.cmu.edu]

Top Commented Posts of 2010

2010 has been a fantastic year. We’ve grown massively and have completed a lot of our 2010 goals. So what’s next?
2011 – We’re going to be launching some really cool initiatives and there are some very interesting partnerships brewing that will position us to better serve the Agile community in the months and years to come. Get excited. We certainly are.
A couple of hints:
  • Think “LIVE”
  • Think “Continuing Education”
  • Think “Maps”

Yep. All these are brewing. Stewing. Boiling. Here’s to a great 2011!!!

Top Commented Posts of 2010

[Tool Review] – Prfessor – Create Your Own University

Many of our readers are consultants, coaches, and Agile software development practitioners. We can help our clients, customers, and companies where we are, face-to-face.

Why not use online mediums to broaden our audience? We know that @pmstudent runs his own show on his site pmstudent.com and that works for him, but what about the rest of us? Ever wanted to set up your own class? How about your own University?

Enter: Prfessor.comCreating Your Own University Online

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[Agile Guide] – Story Mapping for Scrum


  • You have a backlog full of stories.
  • You have a set of prioritized features that need to go out with your next release.
  • You are in need of a simple and quick way of viewing dependencies between stories and mapping features and tasks to their corresponding stories.

How can you easily connect the dots? With a story map.

Story maps are a great way to organize your backlog into a logical units for development. Karen Greaves has outlined a very simply way for you to build a story map and get back to workin’!

Her outline simplified:

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Scrum Teams and a ScrumMaster’s Patience

We recently came across an article on Project Management and Patience by Bruce Benson. Our immediate thought was how this applied to Scrum Teams and the ScrumMaster.

Remember what the role of the ScrumMaster is?

To remove impediments of the Scrum team and the owner of the process.

We wrote a post on how a ScrumMaster can help out with communication here. Seems simple enough right? But with so many stories around how teams using Scrum are failing left and right, what could be some possible ways that a ScrumMaster can help their team out by not being patient?

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[Agile UX/UI Tool] – Wirify – Webpage to Wireframes

The guys over at Volkside have created a very cool tool Wirify for anyone in the UX and UI space.

Want to know how your competition is building their sites? Drop this bookmarklet into your bookmarks and give it a go.

See how we did it with Agilescout.com:

Agile Scout’s competition is tight. We’re going to rip The Critical Path by Derek Huether‘s site so we can copy how he runs the internet.

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