Week in Review 4 – The State of Agile Begins

This week has been exciting because there is a lot of buzz going around in the Agile software development world. The Scrum Alliance is changing, the rules and prescriptions of the Scrum methodology are being brought into the light and people are seeing that a ScrumBOK could just be the beginning of the end of Scrum, or so people say.

Regardless, Agile Scout is here to keep on keeping on.

Our first ever prize giveaway was announced and we’re coming up to the end of it soon. If you haven’t entered, you can enter here.

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SpiraPlan V3 Released – Updated Agile Tool

SpiraPlan by Inflectra has been updated to 3.0 this week. What does this mean for you?

  • Plan requirements (user stories) directly against iterations for enhanced Scrum/Agile support;
  • Project members can view team members’ assigned artifacts on a single screen;
  • Enhanced Email Notification Functionality including customizable events and email templates;
  • Discussion threads available for user stories, releases/iterations and tasks;
  • Ability to work on different projects at the same time in the same browser session;
  • PDF format reports available for the requirements module.

Check more about the news from Inflectra. Very cool updates to this product. We also added it to our Best Agile Tools list.


The State of Agile – Sara Broca


I am a project manager / quality junior in the rail industry for 3 years and now begin a carrier in aeronautic industry. Passionate about my job, I’m always looking for new methods, new ways of doing things to improve my daily life and the one of people I work with.

How has Agile changed?

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Tool Review – Tweet Scrum – Scrum Twitter Style

Ok, ok. For those that think this is a joke, hold on to your pants for a second. This may be just the thing for your international or dispersed team members.

Enter: Tweet Scrum – Taking Control of Your Daily Scrums

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The State of Agile – Ken Schwaber

I have been in software development for over thirty years. Prior to that, I was a deck officer in the merchant marine. Don’t ask. Many of my early years in our industry were spent developing operating systems, both embedded, device oriented, and part of the IBM mainframe operating system suite. I’ve worked at the University of Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, Wang Laboratories, and for the last 20 years, my company, Advanced Development Methods and Scrum.org. My daughters are grown and launched, and I live in Lexington, Massachusetts with my wife, Chris.

How has Agile changed?

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