$10,000 EPIC Gaming Rig Build & Review – Origin PC Millennium!

Let’s go back in time! The first time I saw Origin PC was when Swifty unboxed his from his youtube channel. It was absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to do it myself!

So here we are! The final review of the epic gaming rig, Origin PC’s very own Millennium. I had tons of fun building and spec’ing this out.

THIS IS THE FINAL BUILD – 6/6 computers have been spec’d! Stay tuned for the WINNER!!!

See my review here:

In our quest, we’ll review the following PC companies:
– Falcon Northwest – https://youtu.be/tm4qsWur1mU
– Dell XPS SE – https://youtu.be/p8uvbKTzTJo
– Alienware Area 51 – https://youtu.be/p8uvbKTzTJo
– Velocity Micro Raptor – https://youtu.be/5eYeg6ZsSUs
– Digital Storm Aventum 3 – https://youtu.be/j0VLKwT2jc8
– Origin PC Millennium


I rate each build on a 4 point rating system:
1 – Overall website UI/UX
2 – Fun factor
3 – Customization and options
4 – Overall purchase experience

Watch the full episode to know my rating of this awesome machine!

Who will WIN?!

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