$10,000 EPIC Gaming Rig Build & Review – Digital Storm Aventum 3!

WOW! Digital Storm, hands down, has the MOST customization options of any PC manufacturer that I’ve tested so far. Their options are ENDLESS!

I loved spec’ing out this so much… that I even gave these guys a rating of 6/5 in one particular area… 🙂

Only 1 more computer company to review… who will win it?

See my review here:

In our quest, we’ll review the following PC companies:
– Falcon Northwest – https://youtu.be/tm4qsWur1mU
– Dell XPS SE – https://youtu.be/p8uvbKTzTJo
– Alienware Area 51 – https://youtu.be/p8uvbKTzTJo
– Velocity Micro Raptor – https://youtu.be/5eYeg6ZsSUs
– Digital Storm Aventum 3
– Origin PC Millennium


I rate each build on a 4 point rating system:
1 – Overall website UI/UX
2 – Fun factor
3 – Customization and options
4 – Overall purchase experience

Watch the full episode to know my rating of this awesome machine!

Who will WIN?!

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