10 Years of Agile – Are We Better Yet?

Agile is coming up on it’s 10 year anniversary. Back in February of 2001 a group of developers came together to change the software development world and they came away with the Agile Manifesto.

But looking back 10 years, did they make an impact on the industry?

InfoWorld got some interesting quotes from some of the movers and shakers of the Agile movement in the beginning.

So what do some of the signatories and practitioners have to say about Agile software development 10 years later?

“I’d say we transformed the industry.” – Ward Cunningham

“It’s had a pretty significant effect on the industry.” – Scott Ambler

“I don’t have a sound-bite answer for you on that.” – Kent Beck

“You still have to do it [Agile] well…. You can do Agile poorly.” – Ian McLeod

“Sometimes, developers can call practices “Agile” when they are really not.” – Damon Poole

What are your thoughts? Has Agile changed the industry as a whole?


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  1. I think there is no question that it has. The one comment to the InfoWrold article suggested the ideas, though, are not dramatically new. I would say that many of the practices of the methods (which precedded the Manifesto) were quite different from what was going on at the time and both considered good, as well as, typical practice.

    But the Values in the Manifesto, for sure, and the associated Principles, in many ways, are not blindly new ideas. What the Agile movement/community has done, however, is actually try to put these ideas into day-to-day practice very broadly across the industry.

    That individual people can recall doing some of the things Agile suggests 20-30 years ago (I certainly can date my experience back to 1981-82), does not invalidate the collective impact that the Vs&Ps have had. I don’t think there is any going back. Will things get morphed and changed min pacrtyice and sometimes be done very ineffectively…no doubt. I’ve watched that phenomenon for over 30 years with regard to a variety of efforts/ideas in software.

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