Retrospective 69 – #Agile Controversy Week



  1. Retrospective 69 – #Agile Controversy Week | Agile | Syngu - January 31, 2012

    […] ScrumMaster Manifesto? Jeff Sutherland on Frequency Foundation You CANNOT be opaque and Agile… in the Agile Community. Jeff Sutherland on Frequency Foundation – The Findings [Video] – Agile Games 2012! [Humor] – Tim Tebow is Agile WEEKLY COMMENTERS: Jordan (15) Marcelo R. Lopez, Jr. (6) James Scrimshire (3) Paul Goddard (3) Joel Bancroft-Connors (2) Marcelo R. […]You just finished reading Retrospective 69 – #Agile Controversy Week! Consider leaving a comment! We run our blog on Standard Theme. Be a writer for us. Post a job with us on Agile Jobs. Retrospective 69 – #Agile Controversy Week    Agile Read the original post on Agile Scout… […]

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