Retrospective 57 – #LeanGiving and Faking Project Management



  1. Retrospective 57 – #LeanGiving and Faking... | Agile | Syngu - November 6, 2011

    […] Use Course Canvas to make your Agile workshop! Casteller – See it in action. It’s all about teamwork. LeanSalt and LeanGiving Workshops. See how I give back. 7 Billion People in the World – What are we going to do? Are Project Managers living a LIE? Anyone can be cool. WEEKLY COMMENTERS: Paul Boos (4) […]You just finished reading Retrospective 57 – #LeanGiving and Faking Project Management! Consider leaving a comment! We run our blog on Standard Theme. Be a writer for us. Post a job with us on Agile Jobs.    Agile Read the original post on Agile Scout… […]

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