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Retrospective 35 – Scrum Master Interview and Games
Retrospective 34 – Product Ownership and Uber ScrumMasters
Retrospective 33 – #Scrum Meetings and The #Agile Cartel
Retrospective 32 – #RallyOn11 and #PMI Courses
Retrospective 31 – #Agile #Jobs and some #Tips
Retrospective 30 – #Agile, #Scrum, and #CSM Fun
Retrospective 29 – Tiger Blood and Agile Chicken Guns
Week Retrospective 28 – Lazy Scrum, Wallboards, Coach Camp
Week Retrospective 27 – Podcast and Perfect Workshop Crafting
Week Retrospective 26 – Product Owner Essentials and AOL
Week Retrospective 25 – Scrum Backlog Tips and 3 Types of Scrum
Week Retrospective 24 – The Perfect ScrumMaster and User Stories
Week Retrospective 23 – Agile Hippies and The Death of the Iteration
Week Retrospective 22 – Writing Better User Stories
Week Retrospective 21 – PMI Certification and Pecha-Kuchas
Week Retrospective 20 – Selling Agile, Scrum Pocket Guide Winners, and #StartupRiot
Week Retrospective 19 – Personal Kanban and
Week Retrospective 18 – LIVE, Technical Stories, and a Dying Scrum
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